Associations objectives

The main objectives of the Association are:
— to facilitate the enforcement of state security function, in the field of labor safety;
— to facilitate the implementation of state policy in the field of providing PPE for workers employed in areas with hazardous working conditions;
— participation in the development of regulatory legislation and other documents concerning social policy, and business which involves the creation, manufacture and sale of PPE, and the submission of proposals to agencies with legislative and executive authority;
— the determination, representation and protection of the professional interests of members of the Association;
— the coordination of activity by members of the Association which develop, manufacture and sell PPE;
— facilitation of development and improvement of the manufacturing and business activities of members of the Association;
— organization of a system of informational support for members of the Association;
— organizational, scientific, technical and legal support for members of the Association;
— implementation of mutually beneficial cooperation between members of the Association and other organizations;
— the organization of exhibitions, seminars and consultations on issues of labor safety for workers;
— interaction with state regulatory agencies, labor unions and supervisory organizations with regard to labor safety issues;
— the brining in Russian and foreign organizations and citizens voluntary contributions as cash facilities, in compliance with Russian Federation legislation.

In order to achieve its main objectives, the Association undertakes the following types of activity:

In field of conditions of work and protection of labor:
— the perfection economical interests mechanism and promotion employers responsibility in creating safety labor conditions and PPE use;
— drafting legislative acts, which affect the realization of safety requirements and occupational hygiene, with PPE use, including PPE free supplying;
— provision intra vires of assistance in methodical, consultation and informational help to regional labor protection service and variform organizations, to improve conditions of work and labor protection, PPE creating and application;
— organization of modern home and foreign industrial environment control device and PPE exhibition;
— provision of assistance to members of the Association in conducting certification of manufactured products;
— organization and execution intra vires of professional retraining, training, raising the level, workers, directors, specialists in organizations, enterprise and state structure labor safety requirements examination;
— formation of informational PPE databases including mutually information exchange between organizations, regional and foreign national labor protection and safety centers, ILO (International Labor Organization), ESF (European Safety Federation).

In field of development and perfection of legislation:
— analyzing of legislation application practice on fusion of the Association members in Russia and foreign countries, and drafting appropriate legislation.

In field of training, methodical and science activity:
— facilitation of the organization of staff training and professional development for the work in field of protection of labor and PPE;
— organizing symposiums, conferences and seminars on labor and PPE problems, including international arrangements;
— preparation, issue and circulation of science, informational, methodical, educational, monographic and other literature and materials.

In field of development of principles and state social policy in short-term and long-term perspective:
— substantiation of principles and priority state social polity of supplying workers with PPE.

In field of study foreign experience of social labor relations and PPE:
— study of experience solving of problems of protection of labor and supplying with PPE in Eastern Europe and Asia, in market-economy countries with the purpose of use in Russian Federation;
— development of proposals on use in field of labor relations and solving of labor-social problems, principles laid in labor safety and ILO PPE conventions and recommendations.

The Association for executing objectives have the right:
— conclude contracts, assume obligations, act with other person’s power-of-attorney, and hand power of attorney in compliance with Russian Federation legislation;
— dispose of the funds and the property in compliance with Russian Federation legislation;
— conclude contractor’s agreement and other civil contracts in field of Association activity;
— have other rights in compliance with Russian Federation legislation;
— be a member of other associations or same structures as member or founder.

Full or partial execution of functions, which called for the Association status of self-regulated organization, Association implement in compliance with civil code, Russian Federation legislation and Association powers, which are rendered Russian Federation government body, included PPE quality control, PPE certification, implementation of confirmation compliance systems and other questions.

Association have the right to exercise business activity up to a point Association serve goal achievement, it was made for. Such business activity can be producing commodities and benefits up to Association goals, securities acquisition and selling, rights of property, non-property rights, participating in economic organizations, trust partnerships and as a investor.

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